NCSY In the News: NJ Chesed Mission to Detroit
May 8, 2016

Shortly before Passover, NJ NCSY in conjunction with Frisch school sent 14 students to Detroit to participate in a Chesed Mission under the auspices of Habitats for Humanity. Read...

National Board Dvar Torah: Acharei Mot
May 5, 2016

We all know when a teacher starts listing off rules we automatically start tuning every word out, because it sounds like they are saying bla bla and seems whatever...

National Board Dvar Torah: Pesach
April 27, 2016

Imagine John has a terrible tooth ache going into Shabbos. He takes an advil and that seems to ease his pain Friday night. But the pain comes back worse...

Passover Seder Cheat Sheet
April 13, 2016

Print out this sheet to guide you through the Passover Seder: Why do we have salt water, matzah, and bitter herbs at the Seder? When do we drink each...

Seder Plate Infographic
April 14, 2016

Learn what's on the seder plate, and how each item relates to our personal lives.

National Board Dvar Torah Parshat Metzora!
April 15, 2016

In the merit of the continued safety of Rebbeinu Meir Hillel ben Raizel Esther In the midst of describing the over 200 mitzvot found in the book of Vayikra,...

NCSYer Spotlight: “Not-A-Haggadah”
April 12, 2016

New York NCSYers wanted to somehow uplift Pesach Seders while also providing an engaging explanation to many of the rituals we perform on the nights of Pesach… the result?...

NationaLNL with Devora Weinstock!
April 11, 2016

NationaLNL taught by Devora Weinstock, Regional Director of Upstate New York NCSY and Program Coordinator for New England NCSY.