Meet your 2016-2017 NCSY National Board!
November 17, 2016

  Dear NCSYers, It is an exciting time for NCSY. Yeshiva and Public school teens across the country are engaging with their chapters on a daily basis. Fall regionals...

National Board D’var Torah: Parshat Emor!
May 20, 2016

In the Haftorah for Parashat Emor, the Jewish people are reminded that the Kohanim are not given a part of Israel because “God is their possession”. This seems like...

Yom Ha’Atzmaut NationaLNL!
May 15, 2016

Sophia Stepansky, National Ambassador of Education, taught a beautiful Yom Ha’Atzmaut NationaLNL session!

NCSY @ Great Adventure!
May 8, 2016

For over 3 decades NJ NCSY has been running “Passover at Great Adventure”, transforming the amusement park into a Kosher-for-Passover day trip for 100s of Jewish families. Read all...

National Board Rosh Chodesh Update: Iyar!
May 6, 2016

Hi everyone! On May 8th and 9th, 2016, we’ll be welcoming the new Jewish month of Iyar! Our monthly Rosh Chodesh updates will give you a spark of inspiration,...

NCSY In the News: NJ Chesed Mission to Detroit
May 8, 2016

Shortly before Passover, NJ NCSY in conjunction with Frisch school sent 14 students to Detroit to participate in a Chesed Mission under the auspices of Habitats for Humanity. Read...

National Board Dvar Torah: Acharei Mot
May 5, 2016

We all know when a teacher starts listing off rules we automatically start tuning every word out, because it sounds like they are saying bla bla and seems whatever...