2024-25 Cohort Applications Open

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Transforming Passion Into Impact

As part of the overall OU Talent Development Strategy and generously sponsored in part by the Leon Legacy Fund and the Mayberg Foundation, LEAD is NCSY's premiere Leadership and Development program for supporting staff in professional growth and career development.

What is my leadership style?

Can I increase my

Emotional Intelligence?

Does self-care make a difference?

How do I plan my professional growth?


LEAD is the entry program for leadership growth in NCSY. Ideal for those with at least one year of full time experience in NCSY, are currently leading or desire to lead teams and want to learn the skills required for professional growth and promotion.
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Equip yourself with essential leadership skills for your role and future roles. Grasp the heartbeat of our values, culture, and processes. Lay the cornerstone for your future growth.

Facilitated by Dr. Eliezer Jones,
Director of Innovation and Associate Leadership Development for NCSY


LEAD is for individuals who want to grow professionally and want to learn the additional leadership skills and be supported in the process.

To apply for LEAD you must:

  • be a Teen facing staff, manager, director, fundraiser or operations staff.
  • be Full-time since at least October 2023
  • have spoken with your supervisor and gotten approval
  • attend the LEAD specific sessions at StaffCon
  • be available for the live sessions at 3:30pm est monthly on the following dates: 10/29, 11/26, 12/24, 1/28, 2/25, 3/35, 4/29, 5/29


Conversations with leaders who inspire

Hosted by Dr. Eliezer Jones, each episode is with a leader in or connected to NCSY/JSU who share their experiences, insights and what it takes to lead. There is not an episode that won't leave you inspired. Enjoy!

News & Updates

As I witnessed UCLA student Eli Tsives speak out after being barred from classes by anti-Israel protesters, a stark contrast emerged between him and the protesters confronting him. Eli stood unmasked, visibly asserting his identity and convictions. In contrast, nearly all the protesters wore masks, concealing their faces. Charles Spurgeon, a renowned English Baptist preacher […]
Pesach symbolizes the birth of the Jewish nation, our liberation, and the profound gifts bestowed upon us, including the Torah and the land of Israel. Yet, surprisingly, the narrative of Pesach in the Haggadah begins with our ancestors' enslavement, a seemingly somber starting point. One might argue for a celebration that focuses solely on our […]
Authenticity of a Unicorn Costume
To speak candidly, my enthusiasm for donning costumes on Purim has never quite matched the spirit of the occasion. Yet, being the trooper I am, I've embraced the ritual with zeal, whether as a father or during my tenure in educational leadership. Picture this: a Head of School, dressed as a unicorn, gliding through school […]