Planting Ahead

What is special about rain? What do we believe about revival of the dead? Study through this session on the second bracha of Shemoneh Esrei (Atah Gibor) to gain...

Name Dropping?

This session looks at the first bracha of Shemoneh Esrei. Explore the concept of Zechus Avos and "borrowing other people's merit." Is it name dropping to ask God to...

Know It All

Study through this bracha to discover the power of knowledge and the importance of differentiation.

Pardon Me

Can you really start over? Does God forgive us even when we do bad things on purpose? Study through this session to explore unconditional love and the capacity for...

Back to Blank

Can you really wipe your slate clean? Have you ever done something that you would like to erase? Work through this session to understand the power and importance of...

Can We Talk?

Want to say something? Don't know where to start? This session explores the breakdown in communication. How do we start that conversation we have been avoiding?

Attitude of Gratitude

This session looks at the importance of gratitude and how we can aspire to be more grateful in recognizing the gifts in our lives.

Do You See What I See?

This session looks at the importance of seeing and being seen. What do you need saving from? Explore the deeper meanings of redemption.

Just a Spoonful of Prayer

This session looks at healing from physical, spiritual and emotional pain, the importance of praying for others and the mystical secret of the number 8.

Say What?

How important is it to guard your mouth? Learn the importance of praying with a clean mouth.