LEAD 2.0

Posted on August 14, 2023

Nearly a decade, with the hiring of Rabbi Ari Rockhoff, the Leadership and Development department of the OU and eventually the Leadership Experience and Development (LEAD) program for NCSY, was born!

LEAD is the premiere Leadership and Development program for supporting NCSY staff in professional growth and career development. As the program developed, its thoughtfulness and depth grew with the leadership of Yoni Coleman and Mashi Polstein, and Aliza Eisenbach taking the program to new heights and impact.

This year, bigger and bolder, LEAD returns on the shoulders of giants due to a critical relationship with OU-HR and the new leadership of Dr. Eliezer Jones, Director of Innovation and Leadership Development Associate.

The new LEAD Cohort builds upon the tremendous work of the program in the past and is reimagined for 2023. The program will integrate successful elements from previous iterations, incorporate new ideas, and further align with organizational goals. LEAD will be open to all staff at the program director/associate level and be the entry point for professional and career growth in the organization. Those who choose to be in the program will embark on an eight-month intensive professional learning and support journey that will end with an increased skill set to employ in their current and future roles, a stronger sense of leadership style, and a certificate of completion highlighting the accomplishment.

Here are some highlights of LEAD for 2023-24:

NCSY ALIGNED LEADERSHIP SKILL BUILDING: The essential skills learned in LEAD are research-based, practical, and aligned with the needs of NCSY staff, regional and national leadership, and the organization. The program’s primary focus is to support staff in developing critical leadership and professional skills directly relevant to their current roles and future leadership positions within NCSY.

CUSTOM ONLINE CERTIFICATE PROGRAM: All LEAD participants will engage at a high level of learning in a custom online certificate program designed by the LEAD facilitator for NCSY. Besides learning the essential skills and how to integrate them into practice, Torah values, Jewish thought, and the NCSY WAY will be woven throughout the course.

LIVE REMOTE SESSIONS: LEAD participants will have regular and ongoing live remote sessions. These sessions will be used to build community, provide engaging lessons for the course and provide opportunities for guest speakers.

PROFESSIONAL GROWTH PLAN: The LEAD program aims to prepare all participants for future success and professional growth in NCSY. Each participant will end the program with growth goals and steps needed to achieve the goals.

IN-PERSON SUMMITS: The LEAD cohort will engage in at least one In-Person summit to engage in hands-on, collaborative learning while building deeper connections with each other. These workshops will focus on hard skills specific to NCSY leaders (i.e., teaching, managing, fundraising, budgeting, public speaking, etc.).

MENTORSHIP: LEAD will have a dedicated LEAD Advisory/Mentor team. This team will enable regular updates and iterative improvements as the program evolves and adapts to changing needs. Moreover, this team will comprise experienced leadership staff within NCSY, offering participants support and the opportunity to learn from individuals with a profound understanding of our organization.