NCSY Advisors:
Inspiring The Jewish Future

unnamed-1There’s nothing more fulfilling than introducing a teen to a passionate Jewish future and guiding them along the way. NCSY is the premier Jewish organization dedicated to connecting, inspiring, and empowering today’s Jewish teenagers. Through innovative programming and meaningful relationships with positive Jewish role models, NCSY is able to connect with 15,000 Jewish teens a year. NCSY views its advisors as the most important component in connecting Jewish teens with passionate Judaism.

The Torah and inspiration you get from being an advisor is at least as much as what you give over. NCSY advisors are hardworking, enthusiastic and sincere with a passion for Judaism. They volunteer their time and their considerable talents to serve as role models for Jewish teens. They listen to teens and provide guidance, accepting them unconditionally, while having fun in a safe and supportive environment. Advisors connect with teens during NCSY programs, but the relationships really flourish outside of NCSY. NCSY advisors discover that by working with teens, they gain far more than they give. Advisors enjoy learning and teaching Torah and the camaraderie of peers.

They make lifelong friends and potential professional contacts. They get to stretch their creative muscles and gain valuable experience. And, with NCSY Regions from New York to Los Angeles and from Texas to Florida, summer programs on three continents, they also enjoy the possibility of traveling to new places or experiencing old places in a whole new way.

The benefits are not always immediate. Sometimes they come three years later when you bump into your former NCSYer and he says, ‘You changed my life.’ And for many, being an advisor is just the beginning of a fulfilling career at NCSY. NCSY employs over 150 people around the world, many who work in the fields of educational programming, marketing, public relations, event planning, IT, fundraising, and management. NCSY is always looking for talented individuals who are great at what they do and want to make a difference in this world.

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