So how do I join?
Make sure you set up your account on before beginning so you can track your progress.
Once I join, what happens next?
Each week, the Parsha Project will feature of series of videos on the weekly parsha. The videos introduce the speaker, provide an overview of the parsha, present a big juicy question to think about, and most importantly, provide a guide for the key Rashis, the classic commentary on Torah. At the end of the week, there is a brief quiz that you can take to test your knowledge. Don’t panic. Quizzes are easy and can be taken with the text of the Torah open in front of you. This isn’t about tests –– it is about mastering your own Torah knowledge.
Where can I find the text of the Torah and Rashi?
We have included the text of the weekly parsha as well as the key Rashis right on the site. Thank you to Sefaria, the incredible online database of all Torah texts, for making the text of Torah so accessible.
Why on earth would I do this?
Sometimes it feels like you can go through years, if not your entire life, learning about Torah, but we spend little time actually learning Torah. The Parsha project is not about learning Torah, it is learning Torah. This program puts the power in your hands. The key learning is all done by you. This program will teach you how to master Torah knowledge and unlock a Torah text. This program will give you the knowledge to take control of your own Jewish identity. If knowledge is power, the Parsha Project gives you a system to cultivate and wield that power.
Ok, but are there prizes?
Each week, aside from videos, there will be a clear weekly quiz on the parsha as well as the key Rashis. Take the quizzes each week and at the end of each of the 5 books of the Torah (the Torah is split into 5 books), we will be sending awesome prizes. Depending on your average score, prizes include NCSY swag, classic Jewish books, or money for NCSY summer programs and Gap Year programs in Israel. So, make sure you take those weekly quizzes to qualify for great prizes. But the real motivation will always be your own mastery of Torah.
Join the Parsha Project
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