Can You Hear My Voice?

Can you communicate with God without speaking to Him? Understand the power of the human voice and the ability to tell God what you need Him to hear.

By Ariela Bortz
Home, Sweet Home

This session explores the meaning of the bracha of Kibbutz Galiyot- the in gathering of the exiles. When we say this bracha in the Amida, what are we asking...

By Eitan Ungar
Peace of Light

This session explores the blessing about peace. Understand why it is connected to light, inner tranquility and our hopes for ourselves, our nation and our world.

By Ariela Bortz
A Bad Apple?

This session explores the 19th bracha which was added to the Amida, understand this controversial bracha and how we can understand it and consider our intentions when we say...

By Ari Zucker
Working on It

This session looks at why tefillah is called an avoda. What is the history of prayer and why is it sometimes such hard work?

By Rachel Pekarsky
Holy Me Holy You

This session explores the third bracha in the shemoneh esrei. Understand what holiness is and how we can act in a way that makes us like angels.

By Adele Lerner
Spiritual Construction Ahead

This session helps us understand why Jerusalem is so central to us. What are we praying for when we ask for it to be rebuilt? What will that reality...

By miretskye
That’s Right!

This session explores the importance and value of goodness and righteousness. Does looking up to good people make you a better person?

By Sydney Daitch
Me, Myself, and the Rest of the World

This session explores themes about Mashiach and how we can invest in his coming. Learn through the bracha of Malchut Beit David and learn about nurturing in the days...

By Rebecca Epstein
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