Parshat Vayikra From Southern Region NCSY

Posted on July 16, 2008

The parasha tells us “V’nasan al karnos mizbach haolah…” “and he should place it on the corners of the Altar of the burnt-offering.” The question raised about this point is which corner it should be placed on. The halacha, Jewish law, is that an animal offering should be offered on the top corner and a bird should be offered on the bottom corner. What is the reason for this seemingly random arrangement? One reason that is offered involves the reasons that different people sin. Poor people who would offer a bird offering, the cheaper sacrifice, often feel they do not receive anything from G-d and sin because they do not recognize G-d’s kindness to them. Putting them in the upper corner of the alter is unkind, as it only reminds him of his original reason for sinning. The rich person, on the other hand, sins because he forgets G-d’s kindness. Putting him in the top corner reminds him that he should recognize G-d. We must recognize G-d’s kindness even in such small things as this, and hopefully we will merit Moshiach soon.