Parshat Haazinu From West Coast NCSY

Posted on July 15, 2008

In this week?s parsha, Moshe is told to climb the mountain and die. He climbs the mountain and sees Israel. The fact that I would like to address is that he was told to climb the mountain to see what he couldn?t have, and then he would die. Moshe climbed that mountain and faced his death. He knew he was going to die.

Moshe sang a song to the Israelites and was then told by Hashem to die. Hashem told Moshe to climb up the mountain, look out at Canaan to see the land Hashem was giving to the Israelites, and there he would die.

Moshe was forbidden by Hashem to enter Israel because of his own sin. When the Israelites were complaining about water in the desert, Moshe asked Hashem what to do. Hashem told him to talk to the rock and ask it for water. Moshe was so fed up with the Jewish nation that he hit the rock instead. This is why he was punished. This is why he was going to die seeing the land he was forbidden to enter.

Instead of realizing the bad that people do, we need to realize the good that they do. Moshe could have tried to flee from Hashem. He could have chosen not to climb that mountain and face his death. But he did. We should commend Moshe for climbing up that mountain and for facing his death.

This is what Yom Kippur is all about. We need to climb up that mountain and face our sins. We need to have the courage to admit to Hashem that we were wrong, and hope that he will forgive us.