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For over 65 Years NCSY has inspired Jewish teens across the globe. In fact, NCSY has reached more teens, in more places and in more ways than any other Jewish youth group in the world. And with you, NCSY will go farther.

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Ben Zakkai Honor Society

Since its inception in 1965, Ben Zakkai Honor Society has both honored NCSY graduates and raised many millions of dollars for gap year learning scholarships, Aspire: Yarchei Kallah, Camp Sports, GIVE West and Camp Maor. As NCSY's "Alumni Hall of Fame," Ben Zakkai's priority has always been public and community school NCSYers.

$100 - Latte and Learning – One Session

Latte & Learning brings Judaism to local coffee shops and serves up Torah in a relaxed and fun environment. By meeting teens where they want to be, Latte & Learning is the place for teens to ask real questions, voice their opinions and form a strong, non-pressured connection to their Judaism.

$250 - Shabbaton – Sponsor a Teen

Shabbaton weekends inspire and educate teens in an atmosphere of Jewish pride and growth. They provide an opportunity for public and yeshiva day school students to interact together in a traditional Shabbat environment while forming deep connections with college-aged advisors. Over these weekends, participants study Torah topics that speak directly to the high school mind. For many teens, these weekends are their first genuine Shabbat experience.

$600 - Yarchei Kallah Scholarship

Yarchei Kallah is a five-day retreat that gives public school teens the opportunity to learn Torah during their winter break instead of going skiing or sitting on the beach. Traditional classroom learning is supplemented with group study, one-on-one learning, and late night discussions with teachers, college-aged advisors and fellow NCSYers. After a week of studying Torah, teens are imbued with a deep passion for learning more about their heritage.

$1,000 - JUMP
Sponsor 5 Teens

Participants are given the tools and training to make positive changes in their schools and communities, while broadening their understanding of local and global issues facing the Jewish people today.
JUMP (Jewish Unity Mentoring Program) is the NCSY National Leadership Program that trains and empowers high school students from all over the North America to become leaders.

$3,700 - TJJ Sponsorship (Matched by the OU)

TJJ (The Jerusalem Journey) an incredible opportunity for public school teens to see Israel, explore, connect and be inspired by their Jewish heritage. While TJJ is fun and exciting, it also builds Jewish identity and a connection to the land of Israel through visits to the Western Wall and Masada, where participants see the living story of the Jewish people. Participants return with an increased passion for Judaism and a foundation to serve as leaders in their community.

$10,000 - Gap Year Scholarship for Public School Teen

Every year, NCSY provides over $1.5 million in scholarships for NCSYers who want to spend time in Israel on a gap year program in yeshiva, seminary or university. Time after time, Gap Year experiences prove to change the trajectory of NCSYers Jewish futures.

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