The Judah Fellowship

The Judah Fellowship is NCSY and JSU's college campus initiative to engage our public school alumni following their high school graduation. This cohort of passionate and driven NCSY and JSU alumni connect to their fellow alumni in order to ensure their smooth transition to engaging Jewish opportunities on campus. Judah Fellows are growth-oriented leaders who prioritize the Jewish journeys of others as if they were their own. Added: For more information, email


  • All Judah Fellows are expected to represent NCSY and JSU as collegiate leaders.

  • Attend the Fall Leadership training weekend in New York

  • Participate in 8 out of 10 Monday night virtual meetings

  • Participate in 2 virtual national learning programs per semester

  • Facilitate 2 Latte and Learning style programs per semester with NCSY staff or partner organizations

  • Facilitate 1 Shabbat event per year

  • Participate in weekly 1 on 1 mentoring calls with fellowship staff member or advisor

  • Submit Divrei Torah for the annual Passover Seder Companion

  • Participate in the NCSY Alumni Day of Giving


Trips and Leadership Opportunities

  • Be a part of our incredible collegiate leadership community
  • Represent the fellowship at NCSY/JSU events and conferences

  • Attend annual training retreat in New York

  • Receive scholarship allotment and priority registration for Israel trips, National Yarchei Kallah, Shabbatons and more!

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“NCSY Alumni has completely disrupted the traditional ideas of post high school engagement for public school teens by introducing the Judah Fellowship. Our public school alumni who joined the fellowship are not only more engaged in Jewish life on campus, they are leading the charge by proactively ensuring that their NCSY alumni peers actively benefit from campus Jewish resources as well. This program is a must for impacted NCSY public school alumni.”

- Rabbi Aryeh Wielgus, Regional Director, New Jersey NCSY

“The Judah Fellowship gave my NCSY Alumni the opportunity to continue the Jewish and personal growth they started in NCSY. It’s amazing to watch how their leadership is transforming Jewish community on campus. Everyone should apply for TJJAP, the essential first step of the Judah Fellowship.”

- Marc Fein, Director, TJJ AP

“The Judah Fellowship has given me an amazing outlet to continue developing the leadership skills that I began as an NCSYer. Because of the Judah Fellowship, the Jewish life on my campus has exploded and become one of the most important parts of our Jewish students’ college experiences. The support we get as Judah Fellows from NCSY staff and Jewish staff on campus allows us to revolutionize the way Jewish young adults continue with their Jewish growth and involvement.”

- Julia Wolf (West Coast), University of Oregon

“The Judah Fellowship has been an amazing experience for me. It has been so great watching this program grow so much and growing from it myself as well. Not only have I enjoyed getting to know people on campus and working on bettering Jewish life for students on campus, I also have made great friends through the program and have more opportunities to learn.”

- Matthew Friedman (Central East), Arizona State University- Tempe

Judah Fellowship Campuses

Arizona State University- Tempe
Binghamton University
Cornell University
CUNY Queens College
Fashion Institute of Technology
Florida International University
Lake Forest College
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Pennsylvania State University
Rutgers University
Santa Monica College
Stony Brook University
Texas A&M
The George Washington University
University of California - San Diego
University of California - Santa Barbara
University of Central Florida
University of Florida
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
University of Maryland
University of Miami
University of Minnesota Twin Cities
University of Pittsburgh
University of Texas at Austin