JM in the AM Live at NCSY Michlelet

Posted on August 5, 2017

Capping off a short but great trip to Israel in honor of Yom NCSY 2017, Nachum Segal broadcasted from NCSY Michlelet to highlight the incredible NCSY Summer Programs.

Click below to listen to the recording:

Nachum Broadcasted from NCSY Michlelet in Honor of Yom NCSY 2017

From the Michlelet website: “Michlelet is an extraordinary program for teenage girls who want to spend their summer in a productive way and have a great time, too. Join with the amazing staff and incredible friends for the summer of a lifetime! Girls on Michlelet will gain a greater appreciation of Torah, chesed and the land of Israel. The program is built around exciting learning sessions with amazing educators and advisors, meaningful chesed opportunities where our NCSYers make a real difference and thrilling tiyulim all across Israel!”