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Will I receive university credits when attending an Israel program? Can
University acceptance be deferred?
Credit transferring varies depending on the University. The range of credits that a University will accept is between 0 and 32 credits. Some Universities will accept these credits only if they transfer credits from an accredited institution, such as Yeshiva University or Touro College. 

If you study at the Israel Experience at Bar Ilan, you would apply as a transfer student to your chosen university, and your credits would transfer as they would from any other accredited college or university.

In most cases students going to a yeshiva/seminary/gap year program can defer. As each school is unique in the way they accept credits, we recommend confirming your chosen college or university’s policy.

Is there financial aid available for my year in Israel?
Please see our Financial Aid section for resources on securing financial aid for your year gap year in Israel.

Are living accommodations included in my gap year program?
Most programs do include living accommodations in the form of an apartment or dorm.

Is there some sort of meal plan provided by the school?
Most schools do provide meal plans of some sort. Please check directly with the schools you are interested in for specific details.

What happens if I am sick?
The administration of your school can direct you to a local Dr. or medical practice.

How does health insurance work?
The school will coordinate health insurance for each student. 

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at