NCSY Torah Fund Scholarship ’23-’24

NCSY’s National Torah Fund awards needs-based scholarships for post high school study at a gap year yeshiva or seminary program in Israel, as long as, in NCSY’s sole and absolute discretion, the program is aligned with NCSY’s mission. Scholarships are awarded to NCSY/JSU participants ONLY. Scholarship money is sent directly to the program upon completion of the student’s year of study. If the student changes programs at any time after receiving notification of a scholarship award, NCSY has the sole and absolute discretion to determine if the program is aligned with NCSY’s mission and NCSY reserves the right to decline payment of the award if the program does not align with NCSY’s mission.

This form will take approximately 30 minutes to fill out. It will ask for family financial information as well as information relating to the institution to which you are applying. Please have all that information ready. ***Please email with any questions or concerns***

The NCSY Torah Fund Scholarship will be accepting applications for the 2023-24 school year starting February 15, 2023.

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