JUMP Headquarters

We’re here for you, just a click away. Visit headquarters at any point throughout the day for troubleshooting, questions, and concerns.

JUMP Headquarters
Challenge One

A pop up shop for your productivity. Get yourselves organized and begin to bond.

Par for the course: 20 minutes

It’s just a suggestion, but we hope it helps– this challenge should take around 20 minutes


Submit a video of your team completing the cup challenge
Challenge Two

Hello my name is: insert any current issue effecting teens today.

30 minutes


Submit your 20 issues and evidence here
Challenge Three and Four

Stressed is desserts spelled backwards. Dig into box #3 and #4 to alleviate some tension as you begin your research journey.

30 minutes


Submit a slide show of your number one choice
Challenge Five

We’re challenging you to a mandatory break. Get off your feet and jump with the Chicago Boyz!

 15 minutes

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Our Experts

Beginning at 2:30pm our talented NCSY professionals are available to you. Take advantage of this opportunity and sign up for a 15 minute slot at any point during the program.

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Challenge Six

Go around and list pros and cons for each potential solution.

30 minutes


Submit a slide show of your number one choice
Challenge Seven

Think solution. Think starburst

30 minutes


Submit a picture of your starburst map
Challenge Eight

It’s time to get to work and begin implementing.


90 minutes


Submit your implementation plan
Challenge Nine

Begin preparing your presentations for The Boardroom. The JUMP Team is only a click away in Headquarters.

40 minutes

The JUMP Boardroom Rubric
The Boardroom

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