Bike NCSY 2019: Registration Coming Soon!

Posted on June 21, 2018

Bike NCSY Returns June 30th, 2019. But while you’re waiting… meet Nachi, one of our MVR’s (Most Valuable Riders)!

Nachi Lieberstein, is the proprietor of Bike NCSY Bake Sales. Nachi has always loved to bike, especially with his father, Meir. Meir became involved with NCSY as a teenager living on Long Island. Later he became an advisor, and has remained connected with NCSY ever since. When Bike NCSY came to fruition, Meir was certain he had to ride. This year, Meir signed up to ride for his second year and Nachi saddled up and wanted to join in too. They continued to ride together and began to train for Bike NCSY.

As the father and son tandem trained the challenge of fundraising arose. Being the independent twelve year old that Nachi is, he insisted that he reach his fundraising goal on his own. He began making phone calls to friends and family members. After exhausting all his sponsorship avenues, Nachi was determined to bridge the gap between the remainder of his goal and the sponsorships he had already received.

Thus, the Bike NCSY Bake Sales came about. Nachi decided to combine his love for baking with his love for biking. Upon returning from school one day, Nachi headed straight for the kitchen. He baked a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies and prepared homemade lemonade and off to the corner he set up his stand. There he sat with warm fresh baked cookies bringing him closer to his goal. When Nachi saw that he had great success, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to have another sale. Just a few days later, Nachi broadened the variety to brownies, chocolate chip cookies and fresh lemonade. To his delight, Nachi not only reached, but surpassed his goal!

Bike NCSY is an event suitable for families and all level cyclists; with 5 routes ranging from 15 to 100 miles. Not a cyclist, no problem? While members of the family are cycling, there is plenty to explore in the surrounding Poughkeepsie area. The options are endless, from go-karts and trampolines to museums and mansions, the whole family is guaranteed to enjoy. Upon completion of the ride, there will be a celebratory finish line BBQ for all. Looking forward to having you and your family join us in support for raising funds for gap year scholarships!

To support Nachi, Meir or any of our 140 riders please click here.

Way to go Nachi!