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Freda Greenbaum - Bio

Freda Greenbaum was raised in Forest Hills, NY, and graduated Queens College with a degree in Fine Arts and Education. She moved to Florida in 1972 where she pursued graduate studies in Art Education at FIU. Together with her brother Joe Falowitz and Michael Greenbaum, Freda opened the women’s specialty store A Nose for Clothes in 1975. For the next 34 years, she acted as the fashion director, buyer and merchandise manager, as well as the PR, marketing and advertising coordinator. By the time the business was sold in 2009, it had grown to 9 southeast locations and an internet operation as well. She is most proud of creating the A Nose For Clothes Philanthropic Fund, which supported a variety of local charities for 10 years.

After brief retirement Freda started WEARS.FREDA, LLC., a consulting firm working with clients to identify Hot Fashion trends that are best sellers in the women’s ready to wear industry. Her international clients include media and designers/manufacturers of women’s better fashions.

Freda has served in numerous leadership capacities at such organizations as CAJE of Miami, the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, AIPAC, JESNA and others. As Founding Chair of Southern NCSY’s Steering Committee and a member of the OU Youth Commission, Freda harness her experience from over three decades of Jewish communal service to help empower the next generation of Jewish leaders.

Freda is the mother of Ari and Stacy and the proud grandmother of Taliah, Sasha, Mordechai, Yossi, Noah, Aliyah and Aaron (A.J.).

Rabbi Ethan Katz - Bio

Rabbi Ethan Katz, Regional Director of New Jersey NCSY, is renowned as the “chesed rabbi” who has led or dispatched groups on more than two dozen trips to disaster sites, from New Orleans to Boulder, CO, and everywhere in between.

Moving to Israel following high school, Rabbi Katz attended The Technion and served in the Israel Defense Forces in the paratroopers service and as a first sergeant in an anti-tank reserve unit. Following his time in the military, he was engaged in retail business and marketing. Upon his return to New Jersey in 2005, Rabbi Katz got his NCSY start as a chapter advisor in Cherry Hill.

Rabbi Katz moved rapidly up the NCSY regional ladder, serving as Central Jersey district director in 2007-2008. He then moved to Fairlawn and was promoted to northern director. In 2009 he was promoted again to associate regional director, a position he held until he assumed that of Regional Director.

Working in disaster relief is seen by Rabbi Katz as a continuation of the work of the State of Israel, the number one responder worldwide to national disasters. These missions also serve as training programs by enabling teens to realize the power to make both an impact and a kiddush Hashem

Rabbi Katz resides in Fairlawn with his wife, Debbie. They have four children: Shani, Talia, Shmuel and Naama.

Dr. Allan Ira Jacob - Bio

Allan Ira Jacob was born in Baltimore. He received his BA from Yeshiva University and his MD from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, completing his post-graduate training in Internal Medicine at Maimonides Medical Center and the Jackson Memorial Hospital at the University of Miami School of Medicine. After completing his training in nephrology, Dr. Jacob served as Assistant Professor of Medicine and Nephrology at the University and was awarded a grant by the NIH to research the effect of renal disease on mineral metabolism. In 1984, Dr. Jacob founded Home Intensive Care, Inc. to develop staff-assisted dialysis in patients’ homes. He is also a psychotherapist with Master’s degrees in Mental Health Counseling and in Marital and Family Therapy.

Dr. Jacob has been active in community and philanthropic affairs for many institutions, including Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes of Miami, the Torah Academy of Boca Raton and the Rabbinical Seminary of America. He has also taught Talmud, Jewish law and medieval Jewish philosophy at Yeshiva Toras Chaim of Miami.

In 2010, Dr. Jacob founded the Jewish Leadership Coalition and serves as its Chairman. The Coalition has fully coordinated its activities with the OU Teach Florida initiative to work with a broad range of Jewish organizations in Florida to promote and expand state funding for needy students through the Florida corporate income tax credit program known as Step Up For Students.

Dr. Jacob has been married to Sandra since 1973. They have three children, 19 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Dvorah & Ben Gasner - Bio

Dvorah and Ben Gasner are being honored by the Ben Zakkai Honor Society with the prestigious Rebbetzin Elaine and Rabbi Pinchas Stolper Alumni Service Award, named for NCSY's beloved first National Director. Dvorah hails from upstate New York, where she was a member of NCSY's Har Sinai Region, while Ben was raised in Baltimore. They married in 1969 and made aliyah a year later. Ben, a pioneer in Israeli graphic arts, has produced beautiful artwork that graces the covers of many fine seforim. Dvorah is deeply involved in communal activities. Together, they have not only raised children and grandchildren, they have lived, loved and nurtured NCSY. It is with great gratitude that the Ben Zakkai Honors Society bestows this well-deserved recognition.

Yaakov Borenstein - Bio

Over 15 years ago, as a young 6th grader, Yaakov Borenstein first began his involvement with NCSY. Throughout high school Yaakov became more involved as a New York NCSY regional board member and director of education. Simultaneously, Yaakov spent his summers on EuroIce (2006) and Kollel (2007). Upon graduating from Rambam Mesivta and returning from Torat Shraga, Yaakov became a beloved advisor and then regional coordinator for New York NCSY while concurrently giving three summers as an advisor on EuroIce. The summer he married his wife Talia, they were the logistics coordinators on GIVE West (2015) and then spent the following summer returning to EuroIce (2016) with Yaakov being the Assistant Director.

As a graduate of Queens College focusing on studying psychology Yaakov’s expertise in being aware of the needs of each child, communicating in sensitive manners, and being someone who is easy to work with has made him admired in NCSY. Now, with his Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and amidst his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the prestigious Columbia University, his career path further exemplifies why NCSY was and continues to gain from Yaakov as a staff member. We can’t thank him and his parents, Dr. Abraham and Silvia Borenstein, for sharing their only son (and four dynamic and respected sisters) to our organization and are honored to induct him to our Ben Zakkai society.

Sunday, november 12th

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Shiur with Rabbi Sobolofsky
Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshiva University; Rabbi of Congregation Ohr HaTorah in Bergenfield, NJ; Rosh Yeshiva at NCSY Kollel
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