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There are a few words which will be used over the course of  every Parsha , which you may be unfamiliar with. Here is a handy guide to help you follow the lessons and hock (a fancy Jewish

word for schmooze, which is another fancy Jewish word for discuss) like a ben torah:


Korban (pl. korbanot)- An offering to God in the form of a domestic animal, bird, or special meal. The word korban means “to get close” because they are a means to become close to God.


Mishkan/Beit Hamikdash- The location where Korbanot are brought. While the Jews were in the desert they had a temporary structure called the Mishkan. Once they arrived in Israel they built a permanent temple called the Beit Hamikdash


Mizbeach– The alter in the Mishkan used to bring korbanot. There was a fire on top for burning the korbanot and the sides were used for applying blood. 


Avodah (pl. avodot)- The rituals performed by priests in the Mishkan as a method of serving God


Olah- A korban which is completely burned


Shelamim- A voluntary korban which is eaten by the owner


Chatat- A korban brought by an individual who inadvertently sinned


Asham- A korban brought by an individual who commits more serious sins or is unsure if they committed a sin