Parsha Terms

There are a few words which will be used over the course of  every Parsha , which you may be unfamiliar with. Here is a handy guide to help you follow the lessons and hock (a fancy Jewish

word for schmooze, which is another fancy Jewish word for discuss) like a ben torah:


Shemitahin the land of Israel, every 7th year was called a “Shemitah” year. The land would lie fallow and all fruit that grew would be ownerless


Yovel– Every 7 Shemitah cycles (lasting 49 years) would be followed by a yovel in year 50. Yovel operates exactly the same as Shemitah with the added caveats that all servants would be freed and all land purchased would be returned to its original owners


Shofar– A ram’s horn which is blown to signify the beginning of Yovel


Leviim- Members of the tribe Levi who had special roles in the operations of the Mishkan