Parsha in Charts

Here is a visual rundown of what happens in the Parsha


The Parsha describes the special service which took place in the mishkan on Yom Kippur. One of the highlights was a lottery that the High Priest conducted using two identical goats. One goat was designated as the Seir LaHashem (Goat for God) and the other became the Seir LaAzazel (Goat for Azazel) both goats were critical in acquiring atonement for the Jewish people.


This parsha details several commandments of kindness. It describes a system for supporting needy people through farmland. The Torah mandates three ways in which farmers were commanded to help the less fortunate. These commandments worked together to ensure no needy person went hungry.


There is a sequence of commandments in this Parsha, which commentators explain all refer to the proper response when you feel you have been wronged by someone else. These commandments provide a roadmap for dealing with conflict in a way that balances honesty, sensitivity, and love.