Parsha Terms

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There are a few words which will be used over the course of  every Parsha , which you may be unfamiliar with. Here is a handy guide to help you follow the lessons and hock (a fancy Jewish word for schmooze, which is another fancy Jewish word for discuss) like a ben torah:

Terumat Hadeshen- A service done by a priest every morning in which he removes the ashes from the fire on the alter and puts them on the side.


Todah- The Thanksgiving offering brought when survivingq an ordeal


Notar- When somebody brings a korban and part of it is leftover after the time that they were allowed to eat it, that part is called “leftover” or “notar” and is forbidden to eat.


Pigul- A Korban which was offered with intention to be eaten outside the permitted amount of time or place.


Chelev- The animal fat’s that are offered on the alter and the Torah prohibits us from eating


Chazeh- The animal’s chest


Shok- The animals right hind leg.