Parsha Terms

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There are a few words which will be used over the course of  every Parsha , which you may be unfamiliar with. Here is a handy guide to help you follow the lessons and hock (a fancy Jewish word for schmooze, which is another fancy Jewish word for discuss) like a ben torah:


Terumah- All food grown in Israel must have a small portion (around 1/50th) given as a gift to a priest. This portion is called terumah


Tevel– Until terumah has been taken from a crop, that food is called tevel and is forbidden to be eaten


Pesach– The 7-day holiday celebrating God rescuing the Jews from Egypt


Musaf– A special korban brought in honor of a holiday. Today, it refers to a special prayer said on those holidays


Shavuot– The holiday that celebrates God giving us the Torah


Rosh Hashanah– The Jewish New Year and Day of Judgement


Sukkot– A Jewish 7-day holiday shortly after Rosh Hashanah


Shmini Atzeret– A holiday celebrated on the 8th day of Sukkot


Arbah Minim– Four species of plants that we joyously wave together on Sukkot