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Parshiyot Vayakel-Pekudei are the tenth and eleventh parshiyot in Sefer Shemot. There are five or six weeks in the Jewish calendar where two parshiot are read and this is the first of them. God teaches the Jews about Shabbat. The Jews donate all the necessary funds for the Mishkan and complete its construction. The Parsha ends with God’s presence resting upon the Mishkan.


This is the longest weekly reading in the Torah. If you are interested in studying the Parshiot independently (God bless you), here is a weekly guide.


Sunday  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Mar. 7 Mar. 8 Mar. 9 Mar. 10 Mar. 11 Mar. 12 Mar. 13
35:1-35:35 36:1-36:19 36:20-37:9 37:10-38:8 38:9-39:7 39:8-39-43 40:1-40:38