Parshat Shemot in Charts

Parsha Timeline

The Parsha begins recapping the descent of Yaakov and his family into Egypt. The Parsha records the death of Yaakov and his sons and the subsequent onset of slavery. Finally, the Parsha describes the birth of Moshe and the beginning of his journey to becoming the savior of the Jews.



Pharoah’s 3 Step plan to Destroy the Jews

Pharoah decided that Egypt had a “Jew Problem” that needed solving. He wanted to get rid of them but thought that outright genocide wasn’t the best political move. Instead he employed a more subtle approach where he enslaved them in the name of national security, then gradually increased their oppression until the idea of throwing every male into the river seemed more likely.



Moshe’s Arguments Against His being Chosen and God’s Response

Moshe was exceedingly humble and argued strongly to God that he not be the leader of the Jewish people. Our Rabbis say that Moshe and God argued for 7 days until he finally agreed. Here is a breakdown of the flow of conversation