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This module mentions all mitzvot that appear in the Parsha 


Nine Mitzvot appear in this Parsha 


Mitzva #105 Every year we donate a half-shekel for communal offerings

Mitzva #106 Priests must wash their hands and feet before temple service

Mitzva #107 High Priests and Kings must be anointed with special oil

Mitzva #108 No one else may use this oil for themselves

Mitzva #109 No one may even duplicate the exact mixture of the oil

Mitzva #110 No one may duplicate the exact mixture of incense offered every day in the Mishkan

Mitzva #111 We may not consume offerings to foreign Gods

Mitzva #112 We may not work the land every 7th year

Mitzva #113 We may not eat mixtures of milk and meat