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Say Hello to the NCSY App!

NCSY is proud to unveil its new app for iPhones around the world.

Click here to download it.

The new app allows NCSYers to check out the latest NCSY events going on around North America, whether it’s a Shabbaton in Des Moines, Iowa, or a “Latte & Learning” in Savannah, Georgia. Plus, the app gives NCSYers a chance to register for all events from their phone, iPod Touch or iPad.

NCSY is the international youth movement of the Orthodox Union.

“It’s NCSY at the touch of a button,” explained Rabbi Steven Burg, International Director of NCSY. “This app allows teens to register for events from their phone, reminds our teens that there is always NCSY programming happening in their area and allows them to stay in touch with their advisors and other NCSY friends. In today’s digital world, teens spend hours on their phone and NCSY is right there with them.”

Other features of the app include a Facebook link so NCSYers can share events with their friends, a full photo gallery of events by region, and a nationally updated zmanim calendar so NCSYers can find out what time to celebrate Shabbat and other holidays.

The app is now available in the iTunes App Store for free.

Click here to download it.