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NCSY Teen President Speaks at Ben Zakkai Dinner

The Ben Zakkai Honor Society dinner was a wonderful example of Orthodox Union lay and professional leadership working together to present six new BZHS inductees and a magnificent tribute to Anne Samson a”h. Anne, who was inducted posthumously into Ben Zakkai, NCSY’s “Hall of Fame.” Anne, a”h, played a crucial role in enabling her husband Lee, NCSY’s first full-time regional director, to create both our West Coast OU and NCSY Regions and Camp NCSY, our first month-long summer program. The evening came to a dramatic climax when Rabbi Steven Weil announced that NCSY’s acclaimed TJJ Summer Program will be renamed the Samson Family Jerusalem Journey in Memory of Anne Samson, as a result of Lee’s historic multi-million dollar gift.

Below, Ami Nadiv, NCSY’s international teen president, addresses all the attendees at the dinner.