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It’s Chanukah? Play the Videos!

The Jewish people have come to expect new and exciting songs and parodies in honor of Chanukah, “The Festival of YouTube Lights.” We have decided to highlight a few of our favorites and we hope you enjoy!


We love this video from our own San Diego NCSYers. The flip books are awesome, and the song is so catchy.


Kids?! Gagnam Style?! Chanukah?! What’s not to like?! The students of the Hebrew School Program at The Shul of Bal Harbour made a great video thats just a ton of fun. Who can resist cute and informative?


It’s not Chanuka without a new Maccabeats song. This is their first original, and it’s great! They take a more serious tone with this one but the song is still fun, and stuck in our heads.


We welcome a new(ish) group to the scene, and they’ve entered with a bang! StandFour cover some great songs, with a great sound, and beautiful blend. We wish them much luck!


Firstly, we can’t say enough how much we love this video and The Rockets for making it! It’s fun, colorful, and very funny. That being said, as LINcredible as it is, you guys should stick to Basketball.


Six13 always has great parodies and arrangements, but this original song really impresses us. We can’t get the chorus out of our heads. We love the fan participation as well!


David Ross and Shir Soul have a nice acoustic feel with this Chanukah Mash-up.


Love to you Matisyahu! You’ve definitely given “a gift to us.” We love the video and its scrappy feel. New look or no new look, we diggin’ ya music man.


Can’t wait till next year so that we can again follow all of these groups and their YouTube view counts. Happy Chanukah to all! Which is your favorite? Comment and tell us. Are we missing yours? Email to see if we can share it with everyone else.